Ley Lines, Hinterlands and Radio Waves.
This mix is presented to Apport! By Paulius Ilius – an active music digger in the stranger music scene.

In his own words, this is an imaginary dialogue between UK and Lithuanian hauntological/folk sonic wanderers and contains artists from both countries. Some of them are close, some are seemingly distant when it comes to background and eras, but they all pursue similar trajectories identifying our similar patterns beneath the plow, the hidden ways of the land, where radio waves travel across the ley lines, analog loops and voices echo between swamp openings, hinterlands, woods, villages.

While UK sound is more embedded in futurist nostalgia for the 60’s/70’s radiophonic heritage, folk horror and the Isles mythology, the Baltic hauntological wanderings began in the turbulent and chaotic 90’s full of uncertainty and chaos. In this context, the gaze shifted either towards the pagan times, hidden folk heritage or our own radiophonic echoes from underneath the iron curtain of decades past. Yet, a weird futurist/psychedelic spin was always (and still is) present on these explorations, so did the urbanist environments from rough brutalist suburbs of Vilnius to cobbled streets of old town, still full of crumpled old buildings at that time.

Glad to see that our hauntological tradition is still strong and going constantly shaping its forms and reflecting our magical surroundings.