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An interview with ROTFG

The interview again. This time – with the label from Oslo, Norway: ROTFG/ Records Of The Fleshgod. This one caught our attention a quite time ago and after some contacts Apport! decided to dive deeper into this strange musical swamp. The genre-defying approach of ROTFG is a particular trait of this label. One can find here strange, distorted hip-hop, noisy experiments, skull-crushing drone doom, and more. Thus, we decided to spread the word. The whole interview (accompanied by the mix from their releases WHICH YOU CAN LISTEN TO HERE ) with Jørgen and Sindre goes below: >>> Read More

An interview with BOB DATA

Apport! steps into an epistolary genre. So, the first step in this direction is an interview with the Latvian project with german spices – BOB DATA. Aleksandrs wrote some answers which deepen the context of a forthcoming live event in Vilnius. And we invite you to read them, of course.

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TIESE – Errant Throb

So, the year 2022 is here. Our 8th release is here too. Please meet TIESE’s “Errant Throb” – a brave penetration through various sound forms. The sparkling electricity, a special ear candy. Or you name what, but this amalgam sounds really good, – we know what to release.
Read and get through this direction: Recordings

ИIM – Flow my tears

A tape with wonderfully beautiful music is out. One cant count on words such as ambient/neoclassical/ethereal with a crafty touch of various kinds of sound manipulations, from no input mixer to tape looping techniques.
We are happy about such new projects, which are quite an example for others how to dig into the music. To get it please flow to the “Recordings” section of the menu.

Tango almanach

This time it will be an info about legendary Lithuanian magazine “Tango”, which was in print from 1990 to 2002. The content was dedicated to the broad horizons of so-called “new music”, varying from new classical to noise. Alas, in Lithuanian only, but you still can follow the link and get a look into pages – Apport! just made all nine volumes available via Issuu or to download.

Belskite “read more”  ir  jums  bus atidaryta:

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SALIKAPALIKAU – Non Finito Ensemble

Well, we have quite a… retrospective? A reminder for some, an introduction for others – ŠALIKAPALIKAU (as well as Ensemble SP, SaliKApalikau). This was a project which floated in the local scene like a constantly shifting thoughtform – to get its shapes meant to encounter dissociative experiences. Wandering through musique concrète, electroacoustic, ambient and avantgarde, ŠALIKAPALIKAU was a project of its own. So here it is – a SALIkaPALIKAU collage NON FINITO ENSEMBLE. Materials for this amalgam were taken from 1999-2004 rehearsals, sampling and improvised sessions, live performances – mostly unreleased material. Also, almost no computer was used. Of course, it is here.

SEMĂNAT – Glina/Pole

Semănator wooden motor marche-routizator.

Finally we have a new release from this project – “Glina/Pole”. Yeah, this one was scheduled to appear back in 2020, so the stickers on the tape say so. But it is presented now, so it’s a kind of small Wayback time machine. Or Moebius-strip of spacetime. To get into details, please follow the link and maybe get even one more tape. Sure sure.

KADAGYS – Ingver

November slowly embraces everything. A good time to announce, that two projects united their sensory skills to produce something new. So, here we have a juniper (“Kadagys”) that shines with strange berries of lo-fi ambiance and rooms outside rooms. Of course, navigating here will let you get more.

VĖLU – Šlovė

“VĖLU” means “It’s late”. “Šlovė” means “glory”.
Laurynas Jukonis, the main mechanic and wizard behind local legendary Girnų Giesmės and other projects as well, finally strikes again. This time we have a droning sea of particles, massive plates of abrasive ambient, and trembling wings of glory. Four tracks, minimalist CD, our shoppe is here.

OORCHACH, SEMĂNAT – Viskas yra nematoma

The appearance of this release has been delayed quite heavily. This sounds like a common issue, but constant readiness for releasing it “next week” turned into a paradoxical situation. Maybe it should be so – now, when autumn blows hollow trumpets, it resonates well with the atmosphere of the record. All is invisible. Not a split, but a joint work. Even more dark and derived from the delirium, from the heavy-as-stone gloom and from suffocating chants at the bottom of the soul. A territory of angular loops and drowning hum, while the silver light glows above. At some point, the sounds themselves asked to be recorded. You can read more and purchase the tape here. SOLD OUT. But digital format is still available, yes.

SEMĂNAT / OORCHACH split – a few copies found

Well, it seemed that all the copies of this split tape – released some time ago – was sold out. But currently, a few of them were found in a small hidden box. So, those into forest machinery and dew-soaked loops can still put hands on it.

SOLD OUT.  Still, the digital versions can be reached here