NAŠTA - Likimo burtai

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C60, Same songs on both sides

1. Durpės
2. Žarnynai kitapus žvaigždynų
3. Abejotinų įvykių horizontas
4. Nuodas
5. Ligi kelių, iki dantų
6. Pusantro stebuklo

Although a certain musical realm that Apport! engages in can be defined, it in no way adheres to any strict boundaries. We are interested in music that has an impact, that is unique, and, damn it, that we like. Black metal also falls into this domain. Yes, that’s right, this very genre, which might even be called its raw version. Without ego fanfares, without rock-and-roll poses, without a commercialized image. Simple, like a crackling fire, is this release. NAŠTA (Našta) - these are melodies coming from the core of wood, this is a crookedly built shed from sticks, these are strange Fate Spells. To all of this, it is worth adding a psychedelic mood and hallucinatory visions - then, lying on the peat, you can even see intestines beyond the constellations. Cold/Warm. The falcon on the album cover will surely take you to deformed, somewhat intoxicated spaces, sprinkle you with the spices of Affliction and (maybe) bring you back somewhat different. Try, taste, because Apport! gathers precisely the rarer berries in the forest of life. Who is the author of the project? What difference does it make to you? The important thing is that the flint sparks.

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