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tape, C60

A1 - NO ARTIST - Artifact I
A2 - NIM - Spindesio padėtys
A3 - INWARDS - Karinė teritorija
A4 - GANA2 - Naktis aplink rotušę
A5 - LYS - Krosnys ir židiniai
A6 - MCKARAS - Bėgiais... Šalia Vilnios kapinių

B1 - OORCHACH - Vilna Nautilus
B2 - ORO!ORO! - Vilkpėdės bėgiai pražydo šerkšnu
B3 - SEMĂNAT - Paribys
B4 - SKELDOS - Vietos. Mūsų daubos

Apport! proudly presents this hour-long compilation. Firstly, the participants offer a piece of quality music; secondly, the idea to embody the spirit of the place through music turned out really well. Genius loci is the protective or lingering spirit of a place. Some may call this a specific "vibe" of an area, but it is something more. The essence is difficult to express in words but somehow possible to reach through sounds. The place in this compilation is Vilnius - a city of a thousand faces, lots of green areas, and peculiar spots with its energy and magic. It is always changing while staying the same, a local Urbs Mirabilis with spaces to travel through. We asked each participant to express their personal relations and experiences with Vilnius' manifestations, so here we have a spectrum of emotional, physical, and spiritual connections to this area. While the music ranges from noise/post-industrial to ambient, it is united by the spirit of this city. The spaces are almost baroque, nestled between valleys, dimly lit alleys, intoxicated wanderings, smoking chimneys, and silent rails stretching to the horizon - you name it. All of this and more are amalgamated into this cassette, so experience these concealed layers of perception by listening to it.

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ИIM- Flow my tears
Glina / Pole

OORCHACH – Instinkt
Viskas yra nematoma
GANA2 – Fata for gana
Знак / Исток